Taught By Barbara Thomas


January 19-24, 2017

Pack your bags and your artistic dreams and come down to Jake’s for experience a unique art adventure. The natural beauty of Jamaica is unsurpassed. The sea, the sky, tropical birds, flowers, the bright colors, the sunshine, the sunsets, are all subjects for you to create beautiful paintings, a portfolio of memories that will connect you to your artistic creativity and your Jamaica experience in a way no cell phone or other photos ever could.

Artist and painting teacher Barbara Thomas (see bio below) leads the classes. Whether you are an experienced painter, or just beginning, Barbara teaches with a hands –on approach. She will guide and suggest brush stroke techniques, color mixing, tricks of the trade for creating artistic effects for subjects from the gorgeous skies and sunsets, unique and beautiful trees and foliage, tropical seas, and the one of a kind flowers that grace the island.

For four days, our retreat will meet each day, for 2 1/2 hour morning classes, and one evening sunset class with cocktails. We will work in gouache watercolor, an easy to use paint with brilliant pigments. We will set up as a group, but students will choose their subjects (Barbara will help suggest). Barbara will guide and advise each student individually, and is always at ready to answer questions or solve painting issues. At the end of each painting session students will display their work of the session, and we will have a group ‘crit’, (short for ‘critique’), the traditional discussion of artistic process during which students will talk about their painting experience. Jake’s Hotel also offers guests activities such as yoga on the deck overlooking the sea, spa treatments at Driftwood Spa, boat trip to Pelican Bar, visit to nearby Appleton Rum estate or YS falls, for an additional price.

Pricing – The artists retreat part is priced at $450 per person, to include four morning sessions at two and a half hours, plus one evening session, AND artist’s supplies – paints and brushes and paper.

Throughout the painting retreat, students will be able to immerse themselves in the painting experience, from choosing subjects they love to paint, to learning techniques to create a better painting. Evenings Jake’s will provide delicious food and drink to relax at the end of a painting day, and some evenings there will be a short slide lecture, in addition to the fun events hosted by Jake’s.

On the last afternoon of our painting retreat, students will have an opportunity to display their best work, so we can all enjoy the fruits of our artistic journey.

About Barbara Thomas

BARBARA THOMAS has been painting all her life. She has a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Lesley University in Boston, Massachusetts. Barbara lives and works in the East End of Long Island, New York, painting landscape and nature. Barbara’s work is collected all over the country. Barbara has spent many years visiting Jamaica, and painting the flora and landscapes of the island. Her work has been written about in national magazines: Architectural Digest, Forbes, Town and Country, New York, and many other publications. Barbara has been teaching painting for over 15 years at the college level, and teaches and lectures at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, New York.