A lot of Jamaican hotels put up gates to keep people inside. We’re not like that. We fling them open and make ourselves great neighbors-to the people, the neighboring businesses and the environment. Here’s how.


To us, eco-friendliness is one part earthly and one part cultural. The wildly talented and hardworking local carpenters, farmers, fishers, artists, chefs, welders, teachers, tailors (the list goes on…) utilize their time-honored skills every day at Jakes. And to keep Treasure Beach as clean and pure as possible, we use solar water heating, gray water treatment systems and recycle all plastic, just to name a few of the things we do.


We believe that doing good business means being good company. In 1998, Jason Henzell founded the Breds Treasure Beach Foundation. “Breds” is short for “bredren,” which is affectionately how we greet each other. Over the years, the organization has strengthened schools, built houses, raised the literacy rate, created a fish sanctuary, purchased an ambulance, opened community centers, created countless jobs and much more. And Breds also built a 17-acre Sports Park across the street from the hotel, where thousands of local youth get basic physical education, serious sports training and the leadership skills to do anything, anywhere.


Jakes is proud to be a part of the Pack For A Purpose initiative which encourages travellers like you to save some space in their luggage for simple but much needed supplies — such as gently used sports gears, ink cartridges, crayons and children’s books — that all add up to make a lasting impact in our community. Click on the logo below for an expanded list supplies needed and projects that are supported in Treasure Beach through Pack for A Purpose.

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