Is Jakes Hotel a good destination for Yoga retreats?

Yes, Jakes Hotel is a perfect destination for small and large Yoga Retreats. Jakes atmosphere provides the environment for relaxation and Yoga practice with the natural ambiance of rolling waves, amazing sunsets, the south coast breeze and the peaceful vibe of Treasure Beach.

What are the Yoga Spaces like?

There are at least three different Yoga Spaces for group practice. The capacity level varies from 10-20 persons and our Yoga Coordinator will help you to find the best locations for your daily practices.

Below is our Calabash stage which overlooking Jack Sprat Beach and provides a view to perfect ocean sunsets. There are drop-down curtains available as well.

The Driftwood Spa Rooftop is Jakes signature Yoga space. This venue has two different levels; the lower level is a great place to practice under the moonlight and stars, while the upper level offers a palm leaf roof.

The Mussels deck villa has a private deck overlooking the ocean and provides an intimate Yoga class atmosphere for small group practice.

Does Jakes Hotel have Yoga equipment on site?

Yes, Jakes does have a limited supply of mats however it is recommend that individuals bring their own for Yoga Retreats as Jake’s holds their own Yoga classes at specified times. Jake’s also has 15 Blocks and 15 Straps that will be available for Yoga Retreat Group use.

What accommodations are available at Jakes Hotel?

Jakes hotel has various accommodations, including single person bungalows, double occupancy cottages and 4-8 person villas as well as Calabash Villa near the property. Please follow this link for more information: http://www.jakeshotel.com/stay_villas_calabash_bay.phpOn property and for smaller retreats there are three two bedroom and one three bedroom cottages ideal for smaller retreats. Mussells, a three bedroom cottage onsite has an upstairs and verandah area that can be used for small group sizes: http://www.jakeshotel.com/stay_cottages_mussels.php

What is the cost for a Yoga Retreat at Jake’s Hotel, and what is included?

We put together a personalized Yoga Retreat package for your group based on the number of persons attending and their needs. The package includes on ground transfers from and to the airport, accommodations, meals and sometimes Spa treatments and Excursions when they have been requested. Alcoholic beverages and offsite restaurants (other than Jakes Hotel Restaurant and Jack Sprat Seafood and Pizza Restaurant) are not included in our packages. Our onsite retreat coordinator will work with you.

What Spa Treatments are available at Jakes Hotel?

Our world class Driftwood Spa provides signature treatments to enhance the relaxation and enjoyment of any Yoga Retreat. We can also include Spa Treatments into your Yoga Retreat Package on request. Please follow this link to find our spa offerings: http://www.jakeshotel.com/cms/index.php?page=spa-treatments

What offsite excursions are available from Jakes Hotel for a Yoga Retreat?

We offer a variety of island excursions near Jake’s property around the South Coast. These include kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, snorkeling and boat journeys to the Pelican Bar as well as trips to our local treasures including YS Waterfalls, Lover’s Leap, Black River Alligator tour, and the Appleton Rum Tour. Excursion information: http://www.jakeshotel.com/play_tours.php

Can we swim at Jakes Hotel, what are the beaches like?

The Jamaican South Coast has a strong current that will sometimes discourage swimming. However, on calm days there is swimming at Jakes and our nearby beaches with lots of shells on the shore. Jakes Hotel also has saltwater swimming pool which is internationally famous.

Is Jake’s Hotel property LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) friendly?

Yes, Jake’s staff has been hired for their openness to diversity.

What airport do I fly into when coming to Jakes Hotel?

While most of our guests fly into Montego Bay (MBJ) it is possible to also fly into Kingston (KGN). Montego Bay is approximately 2-3 hours from Jakes Hotel Kingston is approximately 3-4 hours from Jake’s Hotel

Is internet and cell phone service available at Jakes Hotel?

Jake’s Hotel has recently upgraded its property with Wireless Internet availability, this can be utilized in all of the rooms/villas and bungalows. There is full cell phone service and a landline phone is available at the front office. Jakes Hotel also has a Media/Game Room/Library with a flat screen television.

What Currency is used in Jamaica, does Jakes Hotel exchange US dollars?

The currency here is Jamaican dollars and Jakes Hotel accepts both US dollars and JA dollars, Jakes Hotel will also exchange money for hotel guests.

What time is check in/check out?

Check in is at 3 pm and Check out is at 12 pm

What foods are available at Jakes Hotel for Yoga Retreats?

Jakes Hotel will provide signature meals of freshly grown market fruit and vegetables that are always organic. Our meals are unprocessed, chemical free and rich in vitamins, nutrients, and natural flavors. You will find fresh fish and whole grain meals on our menu as well as specially prepared desserts and locally produced ice cream. Our Yoga Retreat Package makes your dining experience all inclusive with lots of great choices including our nearby local restaurant Jack Sprat Seafood and Pizza restaurant. http://www.jakeshotel.com/eat_dining.php

Is there a dress code at Jakes Hotel restaurant?

There is no dress code at Jakes Hotel, most guests wear ‘island casual’.

Are there mosquito nets available in the rooms?

Yes, all of Jakes rooms have mosquito nets over their canopy beds to provide complete comfort while sleeping; these rooms are also screened to minimize the entrance of pests. There are natural mosquito repellant candles in the rooms to provide complete comfort.

Are the rooms at Jakes Hotel air conditioned?

Some of the rooms/cottages on Jakes property are air conditioned, however most are quite cool with the ocean breeze and ceiling fans/standing fans are provided.

What Voltage are the electrical currents at Jakes?

Our cottages are equipped with US 110V/120V power outlets.

Are there laundry facilities for guests at Jakes Hotel?

There is an onsite laundry facility available at Jake’s upon request.

Can we organize a nanny service?

Yes! Jakes boasts some of the friendliest and most trustworthy nannies you will find in Jamaica! The hourly rate is $10 — this service can be organized upon arrival.

What do we need to bring to Jakes Hotel for a Yoga Retreat?

Comfortable lightweight clothing is best for Jake’s Hotel; we recommend comfortable walking/hiking shoes for any of the excursions. Bathing suit, sun block and beach hats as well as your FRIENDS and FAMILY members

Is there shopping/gift’s to purchase at or near Jakes Hotel?

Our property supports many local artisans and craft persons including products made by the Treasure beach Women’s group, BREDS, and various other community based talents. Our gift shop and Driftwood Spa sells many natural Jamaican made soaps, oils, candles, and incense. You will find T-Shirts, CD’s and HAVAIANAS sandals, in our Jack Sprat record shop as well.

Where in Jamaica is Jakes Hotel?

Jakes Hotel is located on the South Coast of Jamaica in a community called Treasure Beach. This Fishing Village is famous for its black sand beaches, fresh fish and extremely friendly community. The South Coast of Jamaica is the bread basket of the whole island with the freshest fruit and vegetables.

For further questions or to schedule your Yoga Retreat at Jakes Hotel please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will be put in touch with our Yoga Retreat Coordinator Laura Henzell to get you started on your journey to Treasure Beach Jamaica.