Jakes is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth, which is the island’s breadbasket and home to 40,000 farmers. Once a month, on the Saturday closest to the full moon, we gather at sunset at Dool’s Farm and dine at an epically long table for a chef-prepped feast.

Picture this: cocktails upon arrival with fresh fruit picked on site, followed by a leisurely procession to the table that’s draped in crisp linens and lit by lanterns strung from the trees. Then as the sun dips behind the mountains and the moon rises bright, you’ll be served course after family-style course of organic dishes and wine pairings Jamaica.

Conceived by Liz Solms, a local sustainable agriculture expert, a Farm-to-Table dinner will definitely be a highlight of your time. The $95 fee plus tax, tip your ride.

Farm to Table 2017 Dates :

Nov 4 & Dec 2

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Dinner in Farm at Jakes Hotel, Jamaica
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