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  1. Jamaica's most stunning sunsets as seen from Dougie’s Bar
  2. Attend one of our monthly farm to table dinner held one Saturday (closest to full moon) per month
  3. Finding out that the couple you met here, who are now your best friends, live in your town.
  4. The sound of the waves lapping the shore 24/7, crickets chirping happily at night
  5. Movie night at Jack Sprat every Thursday
  6. The woodcarver Quest, a unique character with an eye for treasures of the driftwood variety
  7. The kids forget about video games, and learn how to snorkel
  8. Discovering a private cove, tossing your bikini top
  9. The school of dolphins that might escort you on your boat trip to Pelican Bar
  10. The fact that a stay at Jakes makes you want to create art and make love