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Treasure Beach is unlike any other place in the world, and our vision of sustainability intends to keep it that way. To us, sustainability is not just about eco-friendly practices, it is as much about cultural preservation and maintaining what is unique about our community. To that end, we ensure the unique, inherent skills of our community are preserved and utilized at Jakes. The outstanding local carpenters, farmers, fishers, artists, chefs, welders, teachers, tailors (the list goes on…) continue to thrive because their time-honored skills are utilized every day at Jakes. Our environmental policy at Jakes is one of preservation as well. We want to keep Treasure Beach as clean and natural as possible so we use solar water heating, gray water treatment systems, and recycle all plastic, just to name a few of the environmental activities at Jakes. Most importantly, we believe sustainability is an interactive system between our community and the environment, where each element is cared for and nurtured, so that we can continue to occupy this special place in the world with only positive impact. As for the greater Treasure Beach area, Jakes is a true leader in working, with the parish of St. Elizabeth at-large, toward creation of a groundbreaking Sustainable Development plan for the region. We intend to be a model in the Caribbean for for how a truly sustainable community thrives. Our model seeks to preserve who we are, without attempting to be like any other place in the world. When this initiative launches, it will be a watershed moment for Treasure Beach, ensuring that any future growth is conducted with unwavering care, responsibility, and authenticity.


Founded by Jason Henzell in 1998, BREDS Treasure Beach Foundation is a charitable foundation with a mission of promoting education, sports, cultural heritage, and emergency healthcare. BREDS (short for “bredren,” the way many Treasure Beach residents greet each other) is lead by a board of volunteer community members and funded through grants, individual donations, and proceeds of charitable projects. Additionally, a dollar of every night of your stay at Jakes is donated to Breds’ ongoing projects that reflect the needs of the community. Over its decade-plus in existence, Breds has completed a number of vital community-based projects, including repairing the roof at Sandy Bank Basic School, constructing six classrooms at The Mountainside Primary School and, in conjunction with Food for the Poor, the construction of 30 houses for the less fortunate. Guests at Jakes can visit Breds projects to see what it is we do on the ground, including the biggest Breds project to date right across the street…The Treasure Beach Sports Park.

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Operating under the philosophy that sports and recreation are the great unifiers, On September 11, 2010, the Treasure Beach Sports Park was inaugurated with an all-day event attended by Treasure Beach residents and top-ranking officials alike, including the Prime Minister of Jamaica. The Sports Park will be built in four phases, culminating in a 15-acre park complete with cricket pavilion, regulation-size soccer pitch, children’s playground, and a number of locations ideal for weddings and other ceremonies. Corporations will no doubt flock to the site for workshops, retreats, etc. Soccer is a way of life in Jamaica—and has deep roots in Treasure Beach. Currently Treasure Beach United, our local team, trains and plays matches at the Sports Park, generating a lot of community pride excitement on and off the field. Try to catch a match while you’re here—it’s great fun.

Breds, Sisters, Friends at Treasure Beach

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