To Make a Reservation, Please Call us Direct at: 1-877-526-2428 or 1-876-965-3000


Entrance of Jakes Treasure Beach Resort Jamaica

When can we check in? When do we have to check out?

Officially, check-in is at 3:00 pm and check-out is noon. But we do our best to accommodate travelers in need of a nap—and those who want to stay with us until the last possible moment.

We're looking forward to a Jakes-style holiday (but there may be a little business while we’re there). What do we do?

  • BASICS: The front desk is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily and can facilitate most business services including faxing, copying, phone calls, money exchanges and any other inquiries you may have.
  • EMAIL & INTERNET: There is a computer in the Lobby. Please feel free to use it for emailing or surfing the web.
  • WIRELESS DSL ACCESS: The Media Room, Lobby and Jack Sprat Restaurant are all wireless hotspots for smartphones, laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The 411 on phones?

We’re big proponents of “unplugging,” while you’re on holiday at Jakes, but you’re more than welcome to give your friends, family and business colleagues our front desk number: (876) 965.3000. We’ll gladly pass on any messages as they arrive. If you’d like to place an outgoing call, you can also do that via the front desk. And, if you like, you can borrow one of our mobile phones, available at the front desk.

Jamaican Dollar

What about tipping?

A gratuity is automatically added to your final bill and is distributed across the board to each member-of-staff. Additional tipping is at your discretion.

Can I find a bank nearby?

Black River and Junction are the two biggest towns near Jakes. Approximately 40 minutes away by car, both are well-stocked with banks and pharmacies. If you’d just like to cash a traveler’s check or change money, we’ll happily do that for you at the Jakes front desk.

What should I pack?

Jakes is super casual—a bathing suit, some comfy clothes for the evening, a pair of flip flops, and you’re pretty much set.

Cascia Tree Gift Shop at Jakes Hotel Jamaica

What cool stuff can I buy?

You’ll find all sorts of crafts, clothing, beachwear and gifts at the Cascia Tree Gift Shop, located at the entrance of the property. Jack Sprat Record Shop looks seriously old school, but the CDs, records, T-shirts and books cover everything reggae.

How can I read what the press has written about Jakes?

Click here to read all about us!

What is the electrical current at Jakes?

In Jamaica, the electrical current is 110 volts, 50 cycles. Standard U.S. plugs work without adapters (and don’t worry about bringing your hair dryer, we have them in every room!).

Can I rent all of Jakes?

Yes, you can rent the entire resort for a big trip or family reunion! Call (876) 965.3000 and ask for Coleen to discuss details.

What is your payment policy?

A deposit of three night’s payment is required upon making a reservation. Final payment is due in full 30 days before your arrival date.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 45 days before your arrival, the three-night deposit is refunded in full. If you cancel less than 45 days before your arrival, the deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel 30 days before your arrival or less (or if you are a no-show), you forfeit the final payment for the balance of your stay.

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Why a saltwater pool?

We like the fact that it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals to stay clean. Instead, the water is “recycled” naturally each day, as it’s pumped to and from the sea.

Saltwater Pool at Jakes Resort in Jamaica

I prefer to swim in the sea

Then you’ve come to the right place! There are four beaches within easy walking distance of Jakes: Jack Sprat, Frenchman’s, Calabash Bay and Old Wharf. The Jakes staff will tell you where it's best to swim on any given day. The snorkeling up and down the coast is amazing. Equipment is available at the front desk. Delicious picnic baskets also available upon request.

Beaches Near Jakes Treasure Hotel Jamaica

Jamaican Adventure

Briefly, here’s what you can do at Jakes: Boat, fish, ride bikes, do yoga, visit YS Falls, Black River, and…and…and… Visit our PLAY section to see it all.

Boating at Jakes Treasure Resort Jamaica

Or, don’t do a thing. Let us treat you to the most delicious spa.

Not in the mood for all that hustle and bustle? Head to the Driftwood Spa, for an unbelievably relaxing and restorative treatment using the finest local ingredients.

What’s so special about the Driftwood Spa?

Jakes’ Driftwood Spa merges holistic techniques and philosophies from around the globe into a potent blend of Caribbean treatments to ensure a transformative wellness experience. Founded and managed by wellness visionary Laura Henzell, the Driftwood Spa is operated by a staff of experienced therapists, and is highlighted by elegant outdoor cabanas that directly face the ocean.

Massage Table at Jakes Hotel Jamaica

I’ve heard Jakes is ideal for Yoga Retreats. Is this true?

Yes! Jakes is the perfect destination for groups looking for a yoga getaway. Jakes’ atmosphere provides the environment for relaxation and yoga practice with the natural ambiance of rolling waves, amazing sunsets, the south coast breeze, and the peaceful vibe of Treasure Beach. Our two most loved yoga venues are…

1. The Driftwood Spa Rooftop: The lower level is a great place to practice yoga under the moonlight and stars, while the upper level is always cool and shaded, under a palm leaf roof.

2. The Mussels villa has a private deck overlooking the ocean and provides an intimate atmosphere for small classes and group practice.

Call our front desk and ask for Sienna Creasy, our Yoga Retreat Coordinator, to organize all the logistics for a personalized and blissful Yoga getaway.

What do you offer for kids?

To begin, we have the most wonderful nannies. Kids will love them, and their parents will love them even more! For older kids, we have a full assortment of activities in the Games Room, as well as a television for watching DVDs. We also offer really great art classes for kids, which are both entertaining and educational.

Swimming Pool for Kids at Jakes Resort

What’s the connection between Jakes and “The Harder They Come?”

Perry Henzell, late husband of Jakes’ founder Sally Henzell, directed the 1972 film “The Harder They Come,” which is widely recognized as the classic, definitive Jamaican movie. Haven’t seen it yet? No worries! We screen the film every Thursday night in our Games Room, and it’s a big hit with guests.

Do we need to bring books and DVDs with us?

Not at all. Our popular (and very comfy!) Games Room has a full selection of books, as well as a

television. At reception, a front desk staff member can assist you in borrowing from our vast library of CDs and DVDs. (Board games, too, like backgammon. A big fave in Jamaica!).

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We are all about eating healthy. Can we do that at Jakes?

Jakes is all about local, local, local and fresh, fresh, fresh. Organic is also part of our dining sensibility. Farmers regularly visit the property with their just-picked produce, and fishermen pull up to the shore with fresh seafood caught for us on a daily basis. The result is authentic Jamaican food served as good as it can be!

Great. What are the options?

We have two on-site restaurants and others we highly recommend.

Jakes Country Cuisine:
With a mantra of “Eat what you grow, grow what you eat,” this charming establishment features a menu that shifts according to what’s fresh that day, and reflects the rich flavors and hospitality unique to the island’s south coast. Vegetarians will also find plenty of mouthwatering options. Be sure to end your meal with a house-made dessert or ice-cream!

Breakfast: 7:30 am – 11:00 am
Lunch: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Jack Sprat:
Famous for its pizza, which is considered the best on the island, Jack Sprat also serves seafood prepared to your preference in a relaxed outdoor setting. It's an always-lively hub for the locals, too, and a guest favorite.

Hours: Opens at 10:00 am daily

Little Ochie (A local favorite):
For the freshest seafood in Jamaica (if not the world), head to Little Ochie, situated right on the beach. Such a great setting. Picture old boats that have been given thatched roofs, raised on stilts

and outfitted with benches and tables. Blackie, the proprietor, lets you pick your own fish, shrimp, lobster or crab, and then he cooks it just the way you like it. Yum!

Hours: Inquire at the front desk.

And if I just want to relax with a cocktail or two?

We have quite a happening scene at Dougie’s Bar (with its not-to-be-missed signature rum punch). It’s where everyone tends to gather. Of course, you could also hang out at the bar at Jack Sprat. Or, cruise over to the Pelican Bar, a hut erected on a shoal, for a late afternoon Red Stripe. One of the best parts of the Pelican experience is taking the boat there.

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Where exactly is Jakes?

We’re nestled in the quaint fishing village of Treasure Beach, located on the south coast of Jamaica. We’re two hours from Montego Bay Airport, one and half hours from Negril, and a three-hour drive from the capital city of Kingston.

How do I get there?

Ground transportation is provided at local minimum fare. Helicopter transport is available upon request. You can also fly to Jakes on a commuter aircraft through Lionel Densham Aerodrome.

For more information on Lionel Densham Aerodrome, please contact the front desk at (877) 526.2428.

From which cities can I fly to Jamaica?

From the U.S.: Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, New York and Washington, D.C. Plus you can also fly direct from Toronto, Canada.
From Europe: There are more direct daily flights between the U.K. and Jamaica than any other European cities. Others include: Vienna and Salzburg (Austria); Brussels (Belgium); Copenhagen (Denmark); Marseilles and Paris (France); Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin (Germany); Budapest (Hungary); Milan and Rome (Italy); Amsterdam (Netherlands); Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk (Poland); Lisbon (Portugal); Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona (Spain); Geneva and Basel (Switzerland).

Do I need a visa, in addition to a passport?

For U.S., Canadian and U.K. citizens, a valid passport is the only documentation required. As for visitors from other countries, you may need a visa. We are happy to look into requirements and advise you in advance of your visit.

What is Jakes address?

Jakes Hotel, Villas & Spa
Calabash Bay
Treasure Beach
St. Elizabeth
Jamaica, W.I.

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
FAX:(876) 965.0552

What is the weather like at Jakes?

The average temperature is 85°F (30°C) and sunny, with a light breeze from the East. February is the coolest month, while July and August are warmest. While it does rain from time to time, showers are usually brief, dramatic and followed by hours of heavenly sunshine. The refreshing blue Caribbean Sea is always warm, with temperatures averaging between 80°F (26.6°C) and 84°F (28.8°C), and is calmest from October through May. Most of the big weather tends to occur in September or October, but is usually not as bad as reports make it out to be.

What is the time zone in Jamaica?

Jamaica is on Eastern Standard Time. The island does not change its clocks for Daylight Savings Time. That means that in summer, Jamaica is on U.S. Central Time.

What is the local currency?

Jamaica is home to the JMD, otherwise known as the Jamaican dollar. Not that you need to worry about this. Everything at Jakes, and most other places, can be paid for in American dollars. Still, it’s nice to keep some colorful JMD in your wallet, should you want to stop for a jelly (coconut water) or a cup of fish tea while out on a drive.

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I’ve heard Jakes is part of a small group of boutique hotels in Jamaica.
Who runs Jakes?

At any given moment, you’re bound to run into a member of the Henzell family, who founded Jakes and own and operate it to this day.

Sally Henzell:
A beloved figure in Treasure Beach, Sally has been coming to this very spot since she was a small girl. Sally grew Jakes organically, adding to it a bit at a time—a restaurant here, a cottage there. Now a collection of 31 cottages and three villas, Jakes continues to bear Sally’s artistic stamp. A super-creative sort, Sally, who is an artist, poet and a set designer for films, has woven her signature touches—intricate mosaics, bright colors, Morroccan influences, etc.—into each and every one of Jakes’ almost 50 rooms. Without Sally, there would be no Jakes.

Laura Henzell:
Laura, who is married to Jason, is the force behind the Driftwood Spa. A wellness visionary, Laura conceived Driftwood Spa to be the ultimate venue for a transformative experience. Featuring outdoor treatment areas directly facing the ocean, the spa allows guests to unwind to the lull of the waves. As for the treatments, they’re concocted with rich healing ingredients that are often sourced locally, including wild ginger, lemongrass, mint and rum. Catering to men and women, singles and couples, Driftwood Spa offers a mind/body/spirit experience unlike any other, right at the edge of the sea. (Psst: Laura and Jason are also the parents of Seya Rose and Max, whom you might find running the place with their stamp and style, say about 20 years from now!)

Justine Henzell:
Daughter of Sally and Perry, sister to Jason, and Mom to Drew and Dylan, Justine is the producer of the highly esteemed Calabash International Literary Festival. The three-day event, which was founded in 2001 and features poetry readings, live music and storytelling, is the only annual literary festival in the English-speaking Caribbean and has been described by The New York Times as “a mini-Woodstock” and “world-class.” In addition, Justine also works in the film biz and is your go-to person for all things “The Harder They Come!”

Who else can I expect to meet?

It takes a small and enthusiastic army to keep Jakes firing on all cylinders, and we’re happy to report we have the best team around. Here’s just a handful of our stellar personnel:

Yvonne Clarke:
As General Manager, Miss Yvonne keeps Jakes running like clockwork. Her goal is to make sure every guest feels utterly at home and that his or her stay with us is as comfortable as possible. Tapping into Jakes’ passed-down-from-generation-to-generation history, Yvonne strives to instill the “family” spirit in her team of dedicated, efficient and highly knowledgeable staff.

In short, Dougie is an institution at Jakes. His namesake bar, located poolside, is a magnet for locals and guests alike. He and his crew open at 10:00 am and stay until the last person leaves. And throughout that time, they serve up laughter, good times, and a lot of rum punch (No, don’t even bother asking for the secret recipe!). Aside from that, Dougie will make sure you have everything you ask for!

Ted, Peck, Shabba, Bernard & Blacka:
As you can imagine, there are lot of places in Treasure Beach that are only accessed by boat. That’s why we're honored to have such a great crew of captains. Ted, Peck, Shabba, Bernard and Blacka can take you to the very best fishing spots, or lead you on one of our many tours to places like The Great Morass, a 125-square-mile swamp home to more than 100 bird species and mini-crocodiles. Shabba’s specialty is The Shallow Bar, a floating bar/catamaran that can be docked off-shore anywhere along the Treasure Beach coastline and can be hired for sunset cruises, private parties, or even a wedding.

Conley, Conroy, Richard, O’Neil & Darin:
This group of drivers will get you anywhere you need to go. Basically, they know everyone and everything there is to know about Treasure Beach and every road throughout the island. Relax, take in the scenery, there’s no better way to see the island than with our extremely competent drivers behind the wheel.

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